Engineering Design and Construction

Our Services

  • Drafting
  • Selection of the manufacturing methods
  • Selection and dimensioning of standard parts
  • Cost estimation and optimization
  • CAD design
  • Creation of production documents
  • Visualization and documentation
  • Coordination with your manufacturers and suppliers

We design your product from the sketch to the series production. In doing so, we attach importance to your specific requirements, standards and conventions.

We work with various CAD systems:

  • Solid Works including Solid Works PDM (Solid Solutions)
  • NX incl. Teamcenter (Siemens)
  • SolidEdge (Siemens)
  • Fusion360 (Autodesk)

 We are also happy to use other software to meet your specific requirements.

Insight: Additive Manufacturing

Fast iterations thanks to rapid prototyping

Trials and quick testing are important components of successful development projects. 3D printing offers an additional, practical way to experience, evaluate and improve concepts at an early stage.

There are numerous advantages to this approach:

  • Fast, high-quality insights
  • Rapid testing of relevant functions in a representative, cost-effective manner
  • Reduction of project risks

Additive manufacturing in production

Additive manufacturing processes offer great potential in producing a wide variety of components. Key features of this technology are the high flexibility of the producible geometries, the flexibility in production and the linear cost structure. We support you in taking advantage of this technology profitably by:

  • Identifying potential applications
  • Constructing components for additive manufacturing
  • Integrating additive processes into the manufacturing process

Composites with additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes offer a new range of possibilities in producing fiber composite components. The integration of additively manufactured parts (e.g. inserts) and tools in the production of composite components enables:

  • Maximum functional integration
  • Uncompromising lightweight construction
  • Highest possible flexibility in the production process

We support you in the evaluation, introduction and implementation of this new, innovative technology.